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Sapporo Gold Reserve

A light beer reminiscent of Coors Light but with a slightly bitter finish. Mouthfeel is watery overall, but really I bought this for the can, it's an all steel beast that provides endless hours of fun. Just ask your buddy to crush it on his head


Stella Cidre

Over priced. That being said it had a pleasant creamy and wheaty finish. The body was a clean apple taste with nothing special. Definitely the most beer like cider I've had.


Mississippi Mud

A tasty Black and Tan. The form factor and price will make you feel like a redneck at checkout, but the flavor is worth it all. Bust it out at your next parking lot party!


Texan Flight!

512 Pecan Porter, Buffalo Bayou 1836 Copper Ale, St. Arnold's Summer Pils, Live Oak Pils. The pecan porter was light with a small coffee flavor, and a medium hop finish. The copper ale was too hoppy for me, not on initial taste but the finish was. The summer pils was apparently largely forgettable. The live oak started out really floral and got more bitter as it sat.


Elder Betty by Magic Hat

Magic hat reminds me of summer days in Ithaca and eating out on the roof of my fraternity. This new brew is a definite winner with a light feeling and a nice berry finish.

Get this while you can!


Southern Star Bombshell Blonde

A great beer for a summer evening. It's a lighter beer but with more if a body than bud or coors. It's smooth and creamy and largely lacking in any distinctive flavor, but definitely a repeat offender in my book.